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By: Steve Valentino
Several popular websites are available for background checks online. A few of the most popular are E-Background Check, U.S. Search, Net Detective Plus and Best People Search. These websites offer a variety of levels of investigation, depending upon the employer?s needs. Some of the information gathered is instant, however for more detailed reports, employers should expect a wait from anywhere between 1 and 7 days. Most of the major background search firms online understand the importance of adhering to the strict laws outlined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The Act prohibits certain information (i.e. bankruptcies over 10 years old, criminal charges without convictions, etc.) from being considered in the pre-employment process. It is important that employers utilize the services of a competent professional who understands the needs and legal obligations of the company.

Perform a search in any major search engine for the query ?free background check?. You will certainly be overwhelmed with the search results and paid advertisements regarding offers for free background searches. If this is the first time you have attempted to perform a free background check, you may be in for a surprise.

Most investigative firms suggest that you outsource the background checks for your company. This generally means that free background checks do not provide the quality information that you need. Free background checks online do not always give the employer accurate or thorough information required by law. While it is true that most people are not trying to hide information from employers, it is those who have a background of avoiding legal action, whether it be child support obligations or criminal action, by moving from state-to-state or even in more extreme cases, falsifying their identities. Because of the easy access to information, it has made the job of ?con-artists? even easier. Often times, free backgrounds checks on the Internet are not enough to screen for potential red flags.

Other experts in the investigation field recommend using searches in public records if the search is not of the most sensitive nature or is not necessarily one that has to be completed immediately. Websites that claim the too-good-to-be true advertising that they offer completely free background checks, are not being completely honest. An accurate and thorough background investigation takes time, and lots of it. This is the reason that private investigators charge a fee. They have access to databases and other areas that retrieves information about the prospective employee. It is usually in the best interest of the employer to dish out the $25+ in order to: 1.) limit their time spent on endless searches, 2.) to ensure accurate and thorough information and 3.) gain peace-of-mind that their decision to hire the applicant is a sound decision.

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