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By: Richard Romando
Whether you want to work in a Pilates studio, a fitness club, a therapeutic clinic, or as a personal trainer, the first thing you need to do is to get certified from a reputable Pilates training institution.

There are accredited training institutions that run certification courses in Pilates. One needs to attend hundreds of hours of lectures, hands-on training, observation, and apprentice work before one is qualified to appear for a rigorous written and practical examination.

Each student must have already studied anatomy and be a certified fitness professional or licensed rehabilitation practitioner to be able to receive a Pilates certification.

In addition, a qualified Pilates instructor needs to attend continuing education classes to maintain certification status throughout his or her career.

Some of the more recognized Pilates training institutions are the Physical Mind Institute, The Pilates Studio, Polestar Education and Stott Pilates. Most offer courses around the world through their network of affiliated clubs or studios.

The Pilates Studio, with 11 course locations throughout the world, teaches what they call Authentic Pilates, true to the original forms, techniques and sequences devised by Joseph Pilates. It is affiliated to the Pilates Guild, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Joseph Pilates' original work.

Phase I of the curriculum includes a series of seminars on beginner, intermediate and advanced exercises on the mat and equipment. Phase II is a 600-hour Apprenticeship program working with a Pilates Guild certified instructor. Exams are required after each phase and must be completed within one year. The program costs about $4000, awarding successful students with a Certificate in Authentic Pilates.

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